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SafeT Card
Machans Beach

PO Box 10, Machans Beach, QLD 4878
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SafetY Card The Lone Worker Safety Solution

Personal Safety Solutions

SafeTCard Personal Safety Solutions supply personal safety devices designed to protect lone workers.

The SafeTCard lone worker solution is one of the most comprehensive ways to protect staff who may have to work in remote locations or in situations where their safety may be compromised.

The company are based in Queensland, co-located with their ASIAL Certified Grade A1 Alarm Receiving Centre where they manage and monitor over 6000 personal duress devices and systems, Australia-wide for 350+ clients.

The SafeTCard safety products have been deployed successfully for many state and national departments, mitigating social and environmental risk for employees across a multitude of private and government industries.

What are some high risk activities?

High risk activities can vary greatly:

  • Working at heights
  • Delivery Drivers
  • Carers
  • Mental Health Workers
  • Real Estate inspections
  • Working in confined spaces
  • Working with electricity
  • Working with hazardous substances or materials
  • With hazardous equipment such as chainsaws or firearms
  • With materials at great pressure
  • With the public, where there is a potential for violence

Contact Us on 1300 723 382

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1300 723 382




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