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Light Axis Healing

16 Marriott Street, Redfern, NSW 2016
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Light Axis Healing

Spiritual Healing in Redfern Sydney

Light Axis Healing Sydney is a form of Spiritual Healing that uses Energy Healing, Reiki, Chakra Balancing, DNA Activation and other healing techniques. It was founded by Max Mancer. Psychic Readings are also available. Light Axis Healing uses 7 healing techniques within one healing. It helps to heal emotional and physical disease and trauma.

Healing sessions can be done On The Phone or On Skype or Via Remote Healing.
Psychic Readings are Done On The Phone, On Skype and Via Email. By Appointment Only.

Healings Sessions and Psychic Readings are done by Max Mancer. Please call or email us first, before purchasing a healing, to discuss what service you want. A healing preparation is done before each healing. Sydney Based. Max has clients all over Australia and all over the World.

Light Axis Healing can Help you with:

  • Disease, illness and symptoms. 
  • Your body, emotions and mind. 
  • Stress and worrying 
  • Chronic pain and suffering 
  • Anger, fear, sadness and hurt. 
  • Depression and traumas. 
  • Weight issues and obesity. 
  • Addiction to smoking or alcohol. 
  • Anxiety, phobias and bad habits. 
  • Your love and relationships. 
  • Your happiness and satisfaction. 
  • All that blocks/stops you in life. 
  • Your abundance and money. 
  • Your ability to have what you want. 
  • Your thoughts, feelings & actions. 

Call Us to Book Your Session on 0403921752

Opening Hours: 
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