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Glenco Building Group

4, 143 Point Nepean Road, Dromana, VIC 3936
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Glenco Building Group Mornington Logo

Custom Home Building Specialist in Mornington Peninsula

Specialists in custom homes, duplex developments and major renovations and additions, our team is well-placed to bring your vision to life. With a client-focused approach and an emphasis on flexibility, communication and innovation, we deliver a home you’ll want to live in forever. Each and every Glenco build is overseen by founder, Glenn Rosevear.

Our skilful team of builders have a long history of delivering new, luxury, custom built homes and major renovations and extensions for our clients on the Mornington Peninsula and in Dromana. Our builders can assist with working the drawings, town planning submissions, and liaising with local council and relevant authorities.

He leads a local team that offers a complete design and build service, partnering with building designers, engineers and surveyors to ensure a high-quality process from concept to completion. No matter the complexity or size, a Glenco build is always delivered on time and in budget. An extended maintenance period means that even if something does go wrong, we’ll be on hand to make sure it’s fixed.

To find out more about Glenco Construction group and what we can do for you, get in touch today.

Opening Hours: 
Currently open!
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Contact Phone: 
03 5981 4373




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